The NodeXS1 is a small automation and generic input and output node. It can be configured for numerous applications where a small number of analogue or digital inputs are required. The unit has an advanced battery charger. In addition it can power external sensors. It can be used with a Raspberri Pi (with converter board) or Pycom Development modules.

Mechanical Details
Housing Non / Bare Board
Hardware Connections Input Power – 1x 2-Way Screw Terminal, Sensor Power – 1x 2-Way Screw Terminal, Battery – 1x 3-Way Screw Terminal, Relay – 1x 3-Way Screw Terminal, Digital Input 1 & 2 – 2x 2-Way Screw Terminal, Analogue In & I2C Expansion Bus – 1x 6-Way Screw Terminal
Operating Temperature Range -40C to +85C
Dimensions 90.80 x 94.5 x 20 mm (L x W x H)
Input Range 6 – 30 VDC
Output Range (Sensor Power) 2.65 – 14 VDC / 3A
Backup Battery LiPo Charger – Max 5A Charge current with eFuse Protection (UVP, OVP, OC)
Connectivity Raspberry Pi Adaptor Board / Pycom Development Module
Expansion Bus I2C, UART – Expansion bus used to add additional features or devices (External)
Inputs 2x Digital Optically Isolated Inputs, (5V DC – 220V AC) – For example to measure high low transitions, open/close positions or similar inputs
Counter Input 1x Low Power Counter (shared with Digital Input 1, 15uA current consumption)
Outputs 1x Relay Output, (30VDC/220VAC) -For example to trigger outputs or to turn signals on/off
Analogue Inputs 2x Analogue Inputs with protection
Interface/Program Port UART Header
Other Details
Additional Features
Industrial ESD protection on all connector pins
LED Indicators on all inputs and outputs
4x Buttons
LEDs on all Digital Inputs and Relay Outputs
Various other LEDs to show status