The Node5 is a processor paired (processor not included) or standalone GSM/2G/3G gateway and IoT device. It can serve as a 2G/3G network modem to provide communication to and from a standalone processor or embedded computer, for example a Raspberry Pi. In addition to either a 2G or 3G modem the unit includes 3x protected digital inputs, 3x high current, protected outputs and an protected I2C expansion bus. The unit includes an onboard accelerometer and GPS receiver. It also includes an industrial power supply and battery backup. Communication to an external processor is via USB2.0.

Node5 Datasheet
Mechanical Details
Housing Bare Board
Hardware Connections 12 Position Screw Terminal- Expansion header used to connect peripherals (External). 12 Position Expansion Header - Expansion header used to connect daughter boards (Internal)
Operating Temperature Range -22C to +70C
Dimensions 115 x 55 x 10 mm (L x W x H)
Input Range 7-12V DC
Output Range 4.5V DC / 500mA
Backup Battery LiPo Charger - set to 450mA charge current - Battery (Not included)
GSM 2G / 3G
GSM Antenna Internal Penta Band Antenna – Worldwide connectivity
SIM Single SIM
Expansion Bus I2C, UART, USB2.0 – Expansion bus used to add additional features or devices (External)
Inputs 3x Digital Inputs, (5V DC – 12V DC) – For example to measure high low transitions, open/close positions or similar inputs
Outputs 3x Digital Outputs, (5V DC – 12V DC) -For example to trigger outputs or to turn signals on/off
Peripheral Power 1x 4.5V Out - Can power external devices
Interface/Program Port USB2.0
GPS Tracking Optional - Selected at production
GPS Details High sensitivity GPS receiver, 32 channel, GLONASS capable, GPS (L1), GLONASS (L1, FDMA), GALILEO (E1)
GPS Antenna Internal chip antenna
Other Details
Processor ARM11
Internal Memory 5MB Flash, 2MB RAM
Configuration Custom Python Scripting Engine – for user customized scripts
Onboard Accelerometer – Vibration, Orientation and Impact
Industrial ESD protection on all connector pins
LED Indicators on all inputs and outputs