The NodeX IoT system will help make the 4th Industrial Revolution a reality! The NodeX IoT system is a self contained IoT system - one of the only in the world. This system enables the client to regulate any parameter, wirelessly without third party internet access – irrespective of whether the parameter is electronic or mechanical. The NodeX IoT has two main components. The NodeX Gateway and NodeX Sensor Nodes.

The NodeX IoT platform is a rugged IoT, Condition Monitoring or Telemetry Data Acquisition enabler. The NodeX IoT system provides various IoT Base Boards and assembled IoT Units. It captures data with the help of onboard inputs and sensors. The captured data stored on the device, or in a cloud database and can be retrieved for analysis. Data in the cloud can be displayed on customizable dashboards for near real-time tracking and analysis. Notifications and alarms (E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Sirens and Andon Lights) can be generated when critical values exceed specified thresholds. NodeX units can easily be integrated with any machine, equipment or process new or currently operational. Data integrity and security is ensured by redundant IT infrastructure.

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