NodeXGPS1 Currently Under Development

The NodeXGPS1 is a small tracking device, used where external power is unavailable. It is powered by a built in solar panel. It as an expansion bus which may be used to connect to external sensors.


  • Animal Tracking
  • Unpowered Asset Tracking
Mechanical Details
Housing No yet specified
Hardware Connections Input Power – 1x 2-Way Screw Terminal
Operating Temperature Range -40C to +85C
Dimensions Not yet specified (L x W x H)
Input Range 5 - 14 VDC
Solar Power Tracking
Battery LiPo Battery (2600mAh standard/other sizes could be requested)
Battery Charger LiPo Charger – Max 5A Charge current with eFuse Protection (UVP, OVP, OC)
Connectivity LORA, SIGFOX, WIFI (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth (4.2/Low Energy/Classic)
RF Antenna External ½ Wave Whip
GSP Antenna Ceramic Patch
Expansion Bus I2C, UART – Expansion bus used to add additional features or devices (External)
Interface/Program Port UART Header
Other Details
Processor ESP32 Dual Core MCU & Hardware Floating Point Acceleration
Internal Memory 8MB Flash Memory, 520KB + 4MB RAM
Encryption SHA/MD5/DES/AES
GPS/GNSS Number of Channels - 33 (Tracking), 99 (Acquisition), NMEA and PMTK Protocols Supported
Accelerometer Sensitivity (LSB/g) - 16393 (±2g) ~ 4098 (±8g), Axis - X, Y, Z, Bandwidth - 5Hz ~ 400Hz
Additional Features
Industrial ESD protection on all connector pins
LED Indicators on all inputs and outputs
RGB LED on processor
LEDs on all Digital Inputs
Various other LEDs to show status