The NodeX system provides both a local on device (NodeXGW) dashboard, as well an cloud based dasboard. The dashboards can be configured to be exactly the same, or could be unique in their functionality and application. The dashboards will be customized and branded according to customer requirements.

The dashboard capabilities are summarized below:

  • Various buttons, switches, sliders, dropdowns and text/numeric inputs to configure parameters
  • Various gauges, charts, icons, symbols and text outputs to provide feedback
  • Various custom processing including a sun tracker, sentiment tracker and report by exception triggers
  • Various encryption algorithms
  • Various database integrations
  • Various API and protocol endpoints, including HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, websocket
  • Various social media and messaging interactions including email, SMS, Twitter, Telegram, Slack and Discord
  • Map integration

Data Storage / Database

All data are logged and stored on a local database on the NodeXGW. This database synchronizes automatically with the online cloud database and with all other NodeXGW units, if configured to do so. All data transmissions are done over HTTPS (secure HTTP) to ensure data security. The database is password protected with only the dashboards having access. If data is extremely sensitive data could be stored completely encrypted. The database synchronization between the NodeXGW units and the cloud database ensures system redundancy and resilience.


Full historical reporting is available to retrieve and analyze historical data. Data can be exported for analysis in other data software suites, including Microsoft Excel. Data can be plotted on various different chars including Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Scatter, Boxplot, Cohort, Sunburst, Word Cloud, Sankey, Map, Counter, Pivot Table and Funnel.

System Customization

NodeX devices captures data with the help of onboard and peripheral sensors. The data is then transmitted to a local NodeXGW unit, or directly to a cloud database. The dashboard (local or cloud) then queries the database to display, plot and analyze the data.

Recon provides different solutions depending on client requirements.

Device On-premise Cloud
NodeX Devices NodeXGW Local Database & Dashboard Solestial Cloud Database & Dashboard
NodeX Devices NodeXGW Database & Dashboard Client Cloud Specified Dashboard

Recon Electronics provides the data in a JSON format which is compatible with numerous different dashboard and analytics programs, including Tableau, Microsoft BI, Qlik Splunk, Domo and Yellowfin to name a few.

Recon Dashboards can be customized according to customer requirements and can be viewed in PC, phone and display screens.

Example Dashboard