About Us

Recon Electronics was founded to provide a bespoke turnkey solution to a specific market and ever since we have strived to fulfil this dream. Our teams are skilled specialists in their respective fields and together we provide the complete skillset to solve your problem. We are extremely dedicated to providing the best solution to the problem while taking the multitude of variables, possibilities and restrictions into account.

Furthermore, we believe true success lies in the relationship we build with our clients. Without you we will seize to exist.

Main Team

Henro Ritchie

My Name is Henro Ritchie, founder, and MD of Recon Electronics. I am a passionate creator and designer who solves problems. Whether this entails architecting solutions to solve specific client-centric solutions, defining business processes, implementing systems or the final touches to an audio mix, I enjoy every bit of the creative process. I have a strong commercial drive and thrive in an environment where I can be creative and innovative to provide real solutions to real problems.

My work experiences range from research and design, manufacturing, and operations to system design and implementation. I have been very fortunate to play an integral role in various different businesses. Furthermore, I have in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of the IoT landscape, from hardware design, firmware, software, data and analytics to implementation.

Lucky Mokalusi

I specialize in hardware design and firmware. I am a Geekā€¦I love Data analysis using Machine learning...Data driven smart farming, Blockchain, IoT and AI. I am Philanthropist - My purpose in life is to empower, educate & feed as many families as possible.

Specialist Contractors

As we are a small team we contract specialist designers, programmers, technicians and factories to assist us in their respective fields. We have been involved in numerous products and projects on both a national and international level.


Contact Us

  • Henro Ritchie
  • +27 82 337 9537
  • henro.ritchie@reconelectronics.com