Welcome to Recon Electronics

  • IoT for Business

    See how the NodeX IoT system can assist businesses. Possible applications include building management, access control, and business process management.
  • IoT for Farming

    See how the NodeX IoT system can assist agriculture and smart farming. Possible Applications include smart water management, animal tracking and farm-wide security.
  • IoT for Nature

    See how the NodeX IoT system can monitor weather patterns and other natural parameters.
  • IoT for our Resources

    See how the NodeX IoT system can track natural resource management including water quality and contamination levels and water usage.
  • IoT for No-Where

    See how the NodeX IoT system brings IoT capabilities to areas with no or very limited internet connectivity.
  • IoT for Disaster Relief

    See how the NodeX IoT system can assist with disaster relief and search and rescue.
  • IoT to Save Lives

    See how the NodeX IoT system could assist in securing vulnerable wildlife such as Rhinoceros and Wild Dogs.
  • IoT for Everyone

    The NodeX IoT system aims to make IoT systems available to everyone no-matter how unique the application.
  • IoT for You

    The NodeX IoT system can be completely customized according to YOUR specifications and YOUR application. Why wait, contact us now for assistance.

Recon Electronics is a design and development company developing electronic devices and software to deliver solutions tailored to customer specific requirements across various industries. Our innovative products and designs vary but mainly focus on Internet of Things (IoT), Condition Monitoring (CM), Telemetry Data Acquisition, Digitization and Control, Physical Asset Management (PAM) and Efficiency Improvement.

Recon Electronics designs, develops and deploys bespoke IoT solutions to solve client-specific problems. Our specialized skill-set enables us to design solutions from hardware and firmware, to software and online/cloud platforms. Recon Electronics will analyse any problem in detail, and design a solution using various bespoke and off-the-shelf components. This enables us to provide the right solution to the client to solve their problem.